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Public Member Functions | Data Fields

Stores some data about the connection. More...

Public Member Functions

onion_listen_pointonion_https_new ()
 Creates a new listen point with HTTPS powers.
static void onion_https_listen_stop (onion_listen_point *op)
 Stop the listening.
static void onion_https_free_user_data (onion_listen_point *op)
 Frees the user data.
static int onion_https_request_init (onion_request *req)
 Initializes a connection on a request.
static ssize_t onion_https_read (onion_request *req, char *data, size_t len)
 Method to read some HTTPS data.
ssize_t onion_https_write (onion_request *req, const char *data, size_t len)
 Writes some data to the HTTPS client.
static void onion_https_close (onion_request *req)
 Closes the https connection.
int onion_https_set_certificate (onion_listen_point *ol, onion_ssl_certificate_type type, const char *filename,...)
 Set new certificate elements.
int onion_https_set_certificate_argv (onion_listen_point *ol, onion_ssl_certificate_type type, const char *filename, va_list va)
 Same as onion_https_set_certificate, but with a va_list.

Data Fields

gnutls_certificate_credentials_t x509_cred
gnutls_dh_params_t dh_params
gnutls_priority_t priority_cache

Detailed Description

Stores some data about the connection.

It has the main data for the connection; the setup certificate and such.

Field Documentation

gnutls_dh_params_t onion_https_t::dh_params
gnutls_priority_t onion_https_t::priority_cache
gnutls_certificate_credentials_t onion_https_t::x509_cred

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