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Here is a list of all modules:
oBlock. Variable size bytes blocks. Used for some internal string representation.
oCodecs. Some basic web codecs support: base64, url encoding...
oHandler. Creates and manages the user handlers so that onion can call them when required.
oHTTP. Specific bits for http listen points. Mostly used internally.
oHTTPS. Specific bits for https listen points. Use to set certificates.
oListen Point. Allows to listen at several ports with different protocols, and to add new protocols.
oLog. Functions to ease logging and debugging in onion programs
oLow level OS functions. Encapsulates some low level functions to allow other OS implementations (Boehm GC)
oMIME. mime functionctionalities
oOnion. Base server
oPoller. Queues files until ready to read/write and call a handler.
oPointer Lists.
oRandom. Cryptographically secure random generators.
oRequest. Access all information from client request: path, GET, POST, cookies, session...
oResponse. Write response data to client: headers, content body...
oShortcuts. Often used http idioms.
oURL handlers
oVersion. Onion Semantic Versioning
\Websockets. Basic websockets support.