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url.h File Reference
#include "types.h"


onion_urlonion_url_new ()
 Creates the URL handler to map regex urls to handlersThe onion_url object can be used to add urls as needed using onion_url_add_*.
void onion_url_free (onion_url *url)
 Frees the url.
int onion_url_add (onion_url *url, const char *regexp, void *handler)
 Helper to simple add basic handlers.
int onion_url_add_with_data (onion_url *url, const char *regexp, void *handler, void *data, void *f)
 Helper to simple add a basic handler with data.
int onion_url_add_handler (onion_url *url, const char *regexp, onion_handler *next)
 Adds a new handler with the given regexp.Adds the given handler.
int onion_url_add_url (onion_url *url, const char *regexp, onion_url *handler)
 Adds a regex url, with another url as handler.
int onion_url_add_static (onion_url *url, const char *regexp, const char *text, int http_code)
 Adds a simple handler, it has static data and a default return code.
onion_handleronion_url_to_handler (onion_url *url)
 Returns the related handler for this url object.